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Friday, July 28

My Strengths and Weaknesses as English Teachers

First, I learned various things to be an English teacher in this class. The most useful thing was Mr.M's lecture. His lecture taught me many things. I'll never forget them.
And yesterday, in the last class, I discussed our lesson plans with my friends. I made it about "if" section. Briefly, they are as follows.
1) Warm-up
・Talk with friends
-Hello. / How are you?
-What will you do tomorrow?
2) Review
・Review, "will"-Because I think "will" is necessary to make "if" sentences.
3) Introduction of New Materials
・Give a situation and example
-Tomorrow is the school sports. If it rains tomorrow, they will be put off.
・Explain how the structure is formed
4) Practice
・Play games -pair works(One says "if" section and the other says the next sentence.)
5) New Words
-parking area
6) Reading
・Read textbooks
・Give two sentences
-You're free now. / Please help me.
-You like it. / I'll give it to you.
7) Consolidation
・Review, "if"
I got much advice from my teacher and friends. From what I heard, it had better put 4) Practice before 7) Consolidation because it is very difficult for children. I was satisfied of it.
Here, I'm stating my strengths and weaknesses as an English teacher I now think. They are as follows.
I think I could arrange for teaching practice. For example, I learned to write lesson plans and relax even in public because I practiced again and again. I couldn't say anything as I froze up in public before, so I'm glad that I came not to tense. It was also very useful for me to teach English to pupils in elementary school. I think this class brought up me. By grace of this class, I can get confidence. Thank you.
I'm still anxious a little because until now I've taught English with my friends, so I've not taught by myself yet. In teaching with my friends, I became bold, but next only one!! And then I must pronounce more loudly and gesture more clearly. Children like pleasant activities, so I have to devise the content of activities.


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